Dr. Chris Johnston

Dr. Chris Johnston was born in Great Bend, Kansas and he was raised in Wichita, Kansas. His connection to the Omaha area began back in 1996 when his brother began attending college at Creighton University. He has since developed a strong bond to the area with close friends and family living in the surrounding community.


Dr. Chris attended Loyola University of New Orleans for his undergraduate studies. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. While attending Loyola University, Dr. Chris also studied Pre-Med Chemistry, various Arts in Medicine, Zen meditation and vocal music.


Dr. Chris began his Doctorate of Chiropractic program at Cleveland University in Kansas City. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology as well as his Doctorate program in December of 2016. Dr. Chris interned in the Cleveland University outpatient clinics for over 2 years as well as Grabouski Chiropractic in Overland Park, Kansas. After receiving his license to practice Chiropractic medicine from the state of Nebraska, Dr. Chris began treating residents of the Omaha area while working to build and open his new practice.


Dr. Chris is a member of the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association (NCPA.)  He volunteers his time educating people about Chiropractic care as a representative of the NCPA at sporting events. Dr. Johnston is a member of the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce, he has joined the Knights of Columbus, and he is actively involved in his parish at St. Stephen the Martyr, where he sings in the choir.

Immune system boosting tips

January 1st 


Here our some proper suggestions to help boost your immunity and stay healthy during this time of CoViD-19 or even the flu season.

The most simple but overlooked is to wash your hands: 20-30 seconds under warm/hot running water with soap throughout the day. Use hand sanitizer when you are unable to wash your hands, but be weary overuse of hand sanitizer can cause skin irritation and problems. Sanitize all commonly touched surfaces in your home, your office, and even your car. Don't forget to sanitize your phone and keys daily. Get your biweekly/monthly chiropractic adjustment.

Supplementation that help boost your immune response:

Vitamin C (4000 mg/day) , Vitamin D3 (5000 iu/day), zinc, elderberry extract, oil of oregano, and echinacea (echinacea can effect certain medications, please check with your pharmacist or prescribing doctor before adding this to your daily supplements.)


Please take all precautions you deem necessary but please remember not to stress or panic. Stress has been shown to increase inflammation in the body and lower your immune system response. So please above all, stay calm. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office, we are here to help you however we can.

Latest Clinic News:


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Winter storm reminders

November 23

With the winter season coming soon please remember to check our Facebook page for updates on clinic hours. You can easily access it by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom of this screen. We remind all patients please be safe while driving, and if conditions are questionable please stay home and call us to reschedule your appointment. Dr. Johnston always will have office calls forwarded to his cell phone for rescheduling and emergencies during bad weather, please don't hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns.

Quality Care Chiropractic

will be closed for Thanksgiving

November 23rd

Quality Care Chiropractic will be open Wednesday November 24th and closed for Thanksgiving on November 25th. We will be open Friday November 26th for scheduled appointments and emergencies. Dr. Johnston will have all office calls forwarded to his cell phone for scheduling and emergencies. Please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Christmas Giveaway

In appreciation to all of our patients who take the time to rate us and comment about their experience on Google, Facebook, and for referring friends and family for chiropractic care or consultation to us, you are automatically placed in our quarterly giveaway. Anyone can rate and comment by using the Google link at the bottom of the website page. Thank you for trusting us with your care and the care of your loved ones.


We will be giving away 4 gift certificates this year to our patients. Drawing will be on Janurary 1st.

Quality Care Chiropractic will continue to be open.

Quality Care Chiropractic will remain open during our normal hours during the concern over CoViD-19.  Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to increase immune system response in the body, we consider them essential for a strong healthy immune response to fight viruses throughout the year. We will be following the increased CDC guidelines on top of our normal high standards of sanitizing and hygiene at our office. We are controlling the rate of patients in our office so please call for an appointment or when you are on your way so that we can accommodate everyone while maintaining heightened procedures for your health and the health of all of our patients.

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Quote of the Month


"In the end , the measure of a well lived life is not titles or riches. Its not even measured by the people we please. The true measure of a well lived life is how well we love...and how well we are loved in return."

-Cathy Maxwell

Happiness and love can be a medicine we can all share with each other. It can be a smile or even a simple kind word or gesture. Its amazing how much kindness shared and given can actually affect your health both physically and mentally.